Detroit MC Obie Trice lost his beloved mother to breast cancer yesterday (July 12).

While details are still scarce, the former Eminem protégé reveals to All Hip Hop that his mother, Ms. Elanore, succumbed to the illness yesterday. "My mom was always in my corner and her presence will be missed tremendously," Obie said. "I'm more determined than ever to ensure I not only impact the music industry but also my community, just as she expected."

Obie's affection for his mother was evident in his music, particularly on 'Don't Come Down,' a tribute to Ms. Elanore from his 2003 debut 'Cheers.'

"I love you/ Ms. Elanore Trice, I place no one above you/ You the reason when I hustle, I knew to stack/ The reason when I opened up mics I knew to rip," Trice rapped on the song. "Let's get closer/ So regrets never approach us."

Obie is currently preparing his long-delayed third album, 'Bottoms Up.' He is also involved in Detroit's Race for the Cure, an annual fundraising event to help support cancer research.

Watch Obie Trice's 'Don't Come Down'

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