An Ohio grand jury ruled on Monday (Dec. 28) to not indict two Cleveland officers involved in the 2014 shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. The verdict did not sit well with artists who went on social media to voice their disappointment.

Rice was playing with a toy pellet gun in a park when Officer Timothy Loehmann and his partner rode up and shot him. Loehmann's partner, Officer Frank Garmback, will not be charged in Rice’s death either.

In a statement, Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria Rice, stated:

“In a time in which a non-indictment for two police officers who have killed an unarmed black child is business as usual, we mourn for Tamir, and for all of the black people who have been killed by police without justice… I don’t want my child to have died for nothing and I refuse to let his legacy or his name be ignored.”

Several rappers went on Twitter to express their frustration over the no indictment ruling by the Ohio grand jury.

"Many youth feel the USA govt is treating Black Lives Matter like the ISIS hype.The Gestapolike atmosphere is co-signing that vibe #TamirRice," tweeted Chuck D.

Read the rest of the reactions below.

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