Nike stays having the best commercials in the game. This year marks the 25th birthday of the sports giant's iconic "Just Do It" ethos, so you know they had to go even bigger for their latest campaign, which they're calling "Possibilities."

The lead commercial, narrated by Bradley Cooper, obviously stars a bunch of A-list athletes like Serena Williams, Andre Ward, Gerard Pique and LeBron James, who closes things out in emphatic style. Here, Nike aren't just asking you to "do it"; they're posing the question: if you're good at something, why stop there?

The "if you can run a mile, run a race" idea is more than just savvy advertising, though; Nike are actually challenging viewers to push themselves through various Nike+ tasks. For instance, the Nike+ Running app allows runners to set a distance goal, invite Nike+ friends to join and race them to the virtual finish line.

Sound like fun? Visit for more info on the campaign.