As reported by AOL Music, new mom Mariah Carey isn't the only one getting her body back into killer shape. Her husband Nick Cannon is determined to regain his former physique following his recent hospitalization for kidney failure and subsequent surgeries. However, the star on-the-mend admits he's struggling with the daunting task at hand.

Cannon has been making a big effort to get his health back on track, and has already adopted a strict renal diet, limiting fluids, protein, salt, potassium, phosphorous and electrolytes. Now, the music mogul and 'America's Got Talent' host is ready to hit the gym again and has finally gotten the go-ahead from his doctors.

Cannon took to his Twitter page to share his progress with his fans, writing, "My doctor said Today is the first day that I can work out again. I got to get back to fight weight! THE HULK is on his way back [sic]!"

The catch is the renal diet's restrictions on protein intake mean it will be much harder for Nick to build back the muscle he has lost while sick. "Getting back in shape is going to be tuff, the DR said because of my condition my body can't process protein and that's what builds muscle," he explained.

Still, Nick is determined. If his wife Mariah can drop over 30 pounds just months after giving birth to twins, he can reach his fitness goals, too! "Time to work smarter not harder," he wrote before stating his deadline. "I got to get right by the time America's Got Talent starts! It's going to be difficult to get my six pack back on this Renal Diet. No muscles, skinny with a gut is not fresh."

The new season of Nick's hit reality competition show premieres Feb.12, giving Cannon a little over two weeks to beef himself back up. That's not very much time at all. Better be careful, Nick, before you work your body to exhaustion again! The TV personality recently blamed his overexertion in the gym for his health problems in the first place, explaining, "I always considered myself as someone who was in great shape, but I was doing too much [to my body] so my immune system got confused and just started attacking my kidneys."

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