In spite of a handful of poorly received singles, it appears that Nick Cannon is still trying to be taken seriously as a rapper. The 30-year-old's latest undertaking is an attempt at remaking Slick Rick's hip-hop classic 'Children's Story,' originally released in 1988.

Cannon swaps out the famous lyrics for 'Nick's Story,' a tale of his own life, in his best impression of Slick Rick's voice. Decked out in gobs of gold chains, an eye-patch, and a Kangol, Cannon parodies Rick by naming himself 'Slick Nick' and addressing his haters, previous relationships and marriage to Mariah Carey.

Hopefully this is just a playful joke, but with his job as an executive at Nickelodeon, a radio show, and his one-sided beef with Eminem, hopefully the Cali native has too many dishes on his plate to seriously pursue a music career. Stick to your day job Nick. Peep the video below.