Now that J Dilla has rightfully achieved legendary status, it's always great news when an unreleased track comes to the surface in order to dominate our iPods. This time around it's a song by Slum Village, Dilla's old group, and it goes just as hard and abstract as you would imagine.

Entitled 'Lock It Down,' the beat falls firmly in that classic Dilla territory with sharp bass stabs and crisp, sparse drums that absolutely pound. While this sort of track might be a bit out of place compared to some of the more popular hip-hop bangers working the charts nowadays, there's always a real pleasure in hearing Slum Village rip a beat that could stand up to the group's 2000 epic release 'Fantastic, Vol. 2.'

DJ House Shoes premiered 'Lock it Down' on Soundwaves KPFK, his radio show. Thus far, all we have is a clean, radio-ripped version, but hopefully a CD quality mix is on the way. There have been rumors for a couple years now about a new Slum Village full-length featuring only unreleased J Dilla beats, but there's no official word whether 'Lock it Down' will be included or not.

Head over to Culture King for a stream and download.

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