Last month, the video 'AC Transit Bus Fight I Am a Motherf-----' hit YouTube and quickly amassed more than three million views. The clip captured the now classic beating of an "angry" East Bay transit user administered by a 67-year-old Vietnam vet wearing a shirt that read "I am a Motherf-----, who has since been dubbed Epic Beard Man. The fight's aftermath is nearly as amazing as the crazy combination of punches that produced it. A bloody and crooked-mouthed plea by the victim for an ambulance sounds like he's calling for "Amber Lamps" and it was only a matter of time before this worked its way into our favorite rappers' punchlines. Cue Killa Cam. We're thrilled that Cam'ron has picked up the ball and dropped a new track featuring Vado called, of course, 'Amber Lamps.'

The track opens with some giggling and breaks into spliced samples from the viral video and a bouncing monster of a beat. Cam pokes fun by rapping circles around the fight references ("Amber lamps/ He's leaking!), and then predictably latches on to the ambulance theme to throw out some threats against his haters.

'Amber Lamps' was leaked by DJ Drama and is set to be a centerpiece of Cam's upcoming 'Boss of all Bosses 2.5' mixtape. Check it out. This definitely wins for funniest hip-hop track of 2010 thus far. The NSFW viral video is available for viewing after the jump.