We are about a week away before the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me arrive in theaters. We have watched several trailers already, but now a new clip has surfaced from the film.

In the 48-second teaser above (courtesy of Billboard), Death Row Records founder Suge Knight visits 2Pac in jail after he was sentenced for sexually assaulting a fan in 1995. Knight talks with the embattled rapper with the hopes of signing him to Death Row.

"Money ain't a thing. What you need is guidance," Knight tells 'Pac in the scene. "I'm not saying you can't have friends, but I'm the one who's gonna be there with you 24-7-365, so it should be me [as your manager]."

"Death Row ain't a label, it's a way of life," he continues as 2Pac ponders whether he should accept Knight's business proposition.

Knight then tells 2pac, "It's real simple. A lot of people are born males but they are not men. I'm a man. I know you heard the rumors, but I want you to understand one thing -- results."

Of course, 2Pac would sign with Death Row (reportedly on a napkin used as a contract) and subsequently was released from jail. Shortly thereafter he dropped All Eyez on Me, which further cemented Death Row as rap's premier record label.

All Eyez on Me will hit theaters on Friday (June 16), which would have been 2Pac's 44th birthday. If you want to cop tickets, click here.

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