If you're of a certain age, 'NBA Jam' might be considered the best sports video game ever released. Originally appearing in 1993, the two-on-two basketball game was a cartoon-ish classic, mixing iconic basketball players, ridiculous dunks and quotable catchphrases with hilarious guests such as former president Bill Clinton. Are you ready for Obama versus Lebron and Kobe? We are!

Midway, the original manufacturer, was absorbed by EA Sports and EA will be at the helm for the new version, which will initially be an Nintendo Wii exclusive. EA produced a similar classic in its 'NBA Streets' series and there's much speculation that the new 'NBA Jam' will buy into the company's EA Trax system. This means you'll get a unique hip-hop soundtrack along with the game's outsized style.
"Four-player action is set to return big-time as sources claim that EA has not only hired [game creator Mark] Turmell to work on upcoming sports games, he's already been brought to EA's Vancouver studio to help consult on the new 'Jam," wrote ESPN's Jon Robinson. "Sources also claim that Turmell isn't the only old-school Jam vet being brought back to the mix, which makes me wonder if EA will also hire the voice of the original game, Tim Kitzrow, to once again unleash phrases like "Boomshackalacka!" and "He's on Fire!""

Upon its original release, 'NBA Jam' shattered all sorts of arcade records and maintained its wild popularity throughout the course of multiple updates and new versions. With the addition of the Wii's physical gaming style and some bumping rap jams, this new version is already poised to be a classic. Let's just hope they have an option for a Patrick Ewing/John Starks combo.