Naughty by Nature will celebrate their 20th anniversary as a group with the release of their sixth studio album 'Anthem Inc.' on May 17.

The new album, the first since 2002's 'Illcon Anthems Inc.' will also coincide with the 15th anniversary of their 1996 Grammy win for Best Rap Album with 'Poverty's Paradise.' Vin Rock, Treach and DJ Kay Gee were the first artists to take home an award in the brand new category. "Anthem Inc. is our way of saying thank you to our incredibly loyal, global fan base for their support over the last 20 years," Vin Rock said in a statement. "With a few classic tracks re-recorded and brand new bangers, the album will give listeners a 'Then and Now' perspective of our career.

The Jersey-based group has put on a few recent shows Stateside, in support of the upcoming album, and they are expected to add international dates in Europe and Australia. On Feb. 3, they performed the new single 'Flags' on the 'Late Show with David Letterman.' The song has been released in two video versions, titled the 'Life Cut' and the 'Death Cut,' which offer alternate endings.

"The album is basically what people have been asking for," Treach told The BoomBox last July. "We don't come out and talk about how the game is and all the rest of the propaganda. We just do what we feel is missing. We always stay on the road, so we always perform new songs and try them on people. We throw it at the people and if they accept it the way they been, and not just on the stage but worldwide, we know we're working [in the right] direction."

Watch Naughty by Nature's 'Flags -- Life Cut'

Watch Naughty by Nature's 'Flags -- Death Cut'