Naughty By Nature -- Treach, Vin Rock, and DJ Kay Gee -- have announced that they will be returning to the Persian Gulf for a USO tour with MTV host Sway. The hip-hop trio toured Iraq and Kuwait last November and performed their staples 'O.P.P.' and 'Hip Hop Hooray.'

"I'm excited to support our troops again by touring with the USO," rapper Vin Rock said in a statement. "We enjoyed ourselves the previous trip, learned a lot and were happy we could put smiles on the troop's faces."

The '90s rap group has been making a slow comeback, following a decade long hiatus, with the new album 'Anthem Inc' in the works. "This new album is definitely gonna take you back, but just like we always did, we've invented a new sound, a bunch of new flows and after being without an album for so long, we've gotta lotta things to say," Treach said.

It will be the first album the group has released with their full lineup since 1999's 'Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury,' and its first single, 'Get to Know Me Better,' featuring Miami rapper Pitbull, can be heard after the jump.