With a new album in the books, Naughty by Nature made their way to the Essence Music Festival to showcase new music but to also pay tribute to slain hip-hop pioneers Tupac Shakur and Biggie, Saturday (July 2).

Naughty frontman Treach, who was a longtime friend of Shakur, addressed the unsolved murders of both rappers, which occurred at the height of an East Coast West Coast beef. "Tupac Shakur introduced me to Biggie Smalls," Treach explained. "If Pac and Big would've sat down without outside actions, my two homies would've been here today."

The hip-hip trio played hits from Shakur including 'I Get Around' and his posthumous release 'Hail Mary,' before launching into Biggie's 'Hypnotized.'

While they dedicated the first half of their show to new music, the New Jersey natives also took it back to their golden days performing 'Jamboree,' and 'O.P.P.'

The Essence Music Festival is held from July 1-3, for more information on the Essence Music Festival visit www.essence.com.

Watch Naughty by Nature's 'Jamboree'

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