Things keep getting uglier between soon-to-be-divorced hip hop pair Nas and Kelis.

Last month, the disgruntled singer filed financial records in an effort to gain custody of her baby from the Queens rapper, Nas. Kelis claimed to be making $20,000 a month, but spending over $80,000.

"I have run out of money," she was quoted as saying, arguing that her ex be required to help her maintain the lifestye she enjoyed during their marriage; five homes, first class flights etc.

Kelis also alleged that Nas made $11 Million on his most recent album, but Nas has begun to fight back against her claims.

"I did not receive even half that amount," Nas said in a prepared statement, claiming he received $4 Million for the album, and only currently makes $147,165 per month, while spending $70,000, including as much as $10,000 monthly on clothing and hair.

Nas hopes to be "fully involved" with his baby, claiming he's already agreed to pay for strollers, cribs and a baby sling, and arguing that $5,000 a month in child support is more than enough for a newborn.

For some reason, learning about rapper's finances is always slightly depressing. Either way, that baby is recession proof.