It seems like every week another rap titan is targeted by the IRS for some gigantic debt, but Nas, as usual, is doing it bigger than most. The legendary Queens MC has been tapped by the IRS for a mind-boggling $6 million owed in back taxes.

The back taxes are specifically tied to a mansion that Nas owns in Eagles Landing, Ga., but are also the next in a long history of money problems for the 'Illmatic' rapper. He has apparently filed liens for three years in a row and still owes a substantial sum of money for a condo that he recently purchased in New York City. Managers of that property are targeting Nas for late dues on a $420 assessment fee that he has neglected to pay since January 2010.

If there is any silver lining in this story, Nas does have some extra pesos to throw to the government after this month's court ruling that cut his child and spousal support payments to his ex-wife Kelis in half. Before 2011, Nas was on the hook for $51,000 every month and now only has to pony up $25,000 to stay current.

That said, where will that $6 milli come from? Look for those anticipated Nas releases for 2011 to get thrown back on the front burner, starting with this one.

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