Nas is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest rappers of all-time. Shockingly, with 13 Grammy nominations under his belt, the Queensbridge, N.Y., native has never won a golden gramophone.

At the screening gala for VH1’s upcoming 'Tanning of America' documentary, Nas was asked about his historical Grammy snubs. The veteran rhymer says he's not bothered by the oversight.

"I like that the Grammys nominated me,” he told the NY Post. "I know the hugest platform for music is the Grammys, it matters... but something that huge is never gonna get it right. So it’s OK. It gives me the opportunity to wear a nice suit on a red carpet."

The MC, who will celebrate the 20-year anniversary of his debut album with the release of 'Illmatic XX' on April 15, joins a distinguished list of artists who have been snubbed by the Grammys. Fellow rapper Snoop Dogg has been nominated 16 times and hasn’t received an award yet.

It’s good to see that Nas has a positive outlook on it. But we think it’s due time that the Recording Academy change the error of their ways and honor the 'Illmatic' rapper.

As for the state of the rap game, Nas is happy that young artists are becoming businessmen and providing for their families.

"It’s a lot of jingles... and that’s cool.. .I see a lot of young black kids making money, and I’m very happy with that," he states.