Nas fans anxiously awaiting new material after his recent return-to-form on the street single 'Nasty,' will be momentarily sated by the latest leak from the Queens rapper, although it is over half a decade old.

Liberated by former Bad Boy A&R Geno Sims, 'More Than I Can Say' is apparently a holdover from Diddy's 2005 'Press Play' sessions, and features singer Keyshia Cole on the hook. The two artists apparently contributed "countless" studio sessions for the album, but never appeared in the studio at the same time.

"This beat was one out of many sitting around. I felt this beat was hip-hop and to me I pictured Nas flowing to this beat, it was NYC, Queens, and most of all had substance," Sims explains. "Well as we know the track never made the album, however the countless studio sessions with Nas and Keyshia were priceless. They were never in the studio at the same time. Yummy Bingham originally wrote and referenced the hook. I wish this song made it to 'Press Play,' but it never did, I thought the world could use some blessings from Godson."

Nas spits typically grim street visions over the jazzy piano loop, rapping, "Keep havin' the same dream/ About a mic, a gun, a cross/ They all in the middle of flames/ A hourglass of salt drippin' down to its last grain/ Hear a voice that ask what do I claim/ I ask what it all means/ It's sorta a trance/ As the planet earth appears in the palm of my hands."

It's hard to imagine how the song would have fit on a Diddy album, or where Diddy's verse or part would even go, but since Nas' 'Lost Tapes 2' has been officially scrapped, we're glad Geno released the track.

Nas is currently hard at work on his upcoming 10th album, 'Life is Good.'

Listen to 'More Than I Can Say'