After one of the nastiest public battles in recent memory, court records indicate that Nas and Kelis have finally concluded their divorce process. TMZ obtained the official documents, which were filed last Friday (May 21), but there are still a few controversial arrangements that need resolution. Most notably, Nas still owes a whopping $10,000 per month in child and spousal support -- a number that he claims is far too high.

Nas and Kelis were initially married in 2005 after a two-year courtship. Things were positive enough to attempt filming a reality show (later shelved) throughout the couple's post-honeymoon period. In 2009, Kelis started the divorce process and things have been nasty since with Nas receiving massive support bills and reportedly barred from visiting his son Knight.

The divorce finalization brings little surprise given the public in-fighting that has plagued the couple thus far in 2010. In April, Kelis said that she wanted to expedite the divorce, citing the belief that "there is no possibility for reconciliation."

"It would be in the best interest of both of us if our marital status is terminated as soon as possible," Kelis said at the time to TMZ. She hoped reconcile other issues, such as the child and spousal support, at a later time.