Ten years in the rap industry is an accomplishment, and when an artist's music matures along the way, that's another mark to be satisfied with.

Nappy Roots' Vito Banga, also known as Big V, has witnessed firsthand his group's move from newbie rappers to respected industry vets. "You see where you wanna be and you're young enough not to give a s--- but old enough to know better," he tells The BoomBox of his team's vision when they first entered the hip-hop game. "So now, it's about finding the remote place that'll make you happy, being around the people that will make you happy and making the music that'll make you happy."

The Kentucky-based group consists of five members: Clutch, B-Stille, Big V, Skinny and Georgia native Fishscales. In 2002, Nappy Roots debuted their album, 'Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz,' to an arid music business in desperate need of something youthful and refreshing. The rhymers made a lasting impression with their breakout hits, 'Awnaw' and 'Po' Folks.' Hanging around for their fifth LP, 'Nappy Dot Org,' released earlier this month, the group is angled to make even more history while working with Atlanta beatmaking legends Organized Noize.

"This is the first time that we've had an album where you think you've done it and they come back and reproduce [a song] and it's just amazing," Big V elaborates. "Like, you'll be done rapping and they come back in and reproduce it, making it bigger and better. So this is a whole different experience, learning how to do music with [Organized Noize] and after a decade in, you think you know it all. Then, in meeting these guys, we learn a lot more."

The Nappy Roots' 'Nappy Dot Org' is in stores now.