Though DJ AM died of a drug overdose on August 28, his memory lives on in MTV's intervention-style program 'Gone Too Far,' where AM worked to counsel a fellow addict, and guide her on to the road to recovery.

The first episode of the eight-part series, hosted by AM (born Adam Goldstein) aired on October 12, with the celebrated DJ meeting the show's subject, Amy, and discussing the role that addiction has played in their lives.

Goldstein revealed that from his late teens, through his mid-20's, he had been a hardcore drug user, a heroin addict, whose father had died of AIDS due to his drug use. But AM had gone into recovery and had been clean for 11 years, living proof that the drug could be kicked.

"I can't cure addiction, but what I can do is offer Amy a chance at a different life," AM stated before meeting her.

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Amy, a struggling heroin addict, admitted that her drug use was killing her, to which AM replied, "I promise you, you can be freed of that...Because I swear to you there is another life."

Sadly, that life would not for him. AM was found dead in his apartment in NYC, a short time after shooting the program, with cocaine and a variety of prescription drugs in his system. His relapse cost him his life, but his dedication may have saved Amy's. She has remained sober since their meeting, having undergone over 40 days of rehab, and 50 days in a sober living facility.

"I'm proud of you," AM told her, while visiting her at the sober living house. "It makes me so happy to see this. You're like a family again." He gave her a customized iPod inscribed "don't pawn me," a nod to a darker day, when she had pawned her brother's baseball card collection to score drugs.

"He understood that I was in a circle that was way too deep," Amy said of AM. "He didn't pass judgment on me, and he just took me underneath his wing and he helped me through the tough times that I had here....I never had anyone that didn't know me that well care that much about me."

Following AM's death, Amy has stayed sober, vowing to continue do so in his name. "You did help and touch lives," she says. "I want to make you proud. I don't want to throw this gift away."