Indie rap stalwart Mr. Muthaf---in eXquire has been laying low for awhile but he’s back with a jazz-hop track with the crude title 'I Ain’t Even F--- Rihanna.'

Aside from an off-color one line lament about sexing Rihanna as a sign of success, the song has nothing to do with the Bajan beauty whatsoever. So it’s wishful thinking on eXquire’s part.

Over a sampled piano riff and a boom-bap beat, the Brooklyn rhymer spits a crazy freestyle where he name drops Michael Douglas and boasts about his sexual prowess. In the middle of the verse, eXquire details his struggle in the rap game.

"I just went hard and s--- start happening / You ain't want this / I dragged you here / I f---ed up my credit trying to get here / I f---ed up my life once I got here / Don't you scold me n---- / You don't own me / I don't owe you / f--- you blow me," he raps

Stick around for the ending where eXquire gives a shout-outs to his closest friends and reveals plans to release more singles in the future.

If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Muthaf---in eXquire, check out this dope video for 'Cherry Raindrops' from his fantastic mixtape, 'Kismet.'

Listen to Mr. Muthaf---in eXquire’s Song 'I Ain’t Even F--- Rihanna'