"Moment of Truth," a track performed by Tyler James Williams and Brandon Mychal Smith in the Disney Channel original movie "Let It Shine," is a climactic hip-hop battle that is hilariously funny as it is catchy.

In a scene from the film, Williams and Smith trade verses onstage, trying to outshine the other with their lyrical skills. "This kid's a loser, yo, he ain't even kiss a girl/ You write her love letters, I buy her ice and pearls," Smith spits.

Williams bites back with lines like, "Adios amigo, you're over with, finito/ This clown couldn't rap anything but my burrito."

"Let It Shine," which premiered June 15, stars Tyler James Williams as Cyrus DeBarge, an aspiring MC who must convince his preacher father that rap music isn't evil. To Cyrus, hip-hop is sacred.

Watch Tyler James Williams & Brandon Mychal Smith in "Moment of Truth"

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