Diddy and Dirty Money released their new album 'Last Train to Paris' on Tuesday (Dec. 14), after a few promotional stints, which included a performance on 'Saturday Night Live.' To celebrate, Diddy hosted an intimate soiree at The London hotel in New York City, where he was joined by Swizz Beatz, Fabolous, Trey Songz and comedian Kevin Hart, who hosted the party.

In true Diddy style, the swanky space was filled with scantily clad models, and in particular, one model who bared it all in a bathtrub. During the event -- which was conveniently broadcast on Ustream -- viewers can watch as said bathtub model leans into a flame and doesn't notice for a few seconds that her hair has caught on fire.

While she does realize that she is aflame, she extinguishes the fire by dunking her head in the water, while Kevin Hart laughs into the camera. Fabolous, who was in close proximity to the head of flames, later tweeted about the incident, writing. "#ShortyInTheTubGot carried away wit it being a HOT TUB ... smh."