Summer is almost here and women are in the gym trying to get a “bikini body” for the beaches. But up-and-coming rapper Miss Eaves wants women to be proud of their bodies and show off their cellulite in her fun-filled vid for “Thick Thighs.”

On the internet where fat-shamming seems to be a growing trend on social media (just ask Rihanna), Miss Eaves summertime video is body positive and exuberantly fun. Co-directed by April Maxey, the clip features women of all shapes, ages and ethnicities wearing booty shorts, sundresses and bikinis while flaunting their thunder thighs in all of their glory. Miss Eaves and ladies then start dancing through the streets of her Bed-Stuy neighborhood in Brooklyn.

In an interview with Huff Post, Miss Eaves (real name Shanthony Exum) said the video is a homage of herself.

“I wrote this song as an ode to my own thick thighs and the video is also an evolution of that,” she told the news website. “I wanted to take a word [thunder thighs] that is usually used to talk about bodies disparagingly and reclaim it.”

Since the video's premiere on Monday (June 5), it has garnered over 200,000 views so far and counting.

“This video is important for black women because it also celebrates our bodies,” Miss Eaves added. “For young black people, it is good to see adults who look like them living happy, genuine and fulfilled lives. We don’t have to try to be anyone else.”

Watch Miss Eaves' fun video above.

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