'Michael Jackson's Vision,' a 3-disc, 4-hour visual encyclopedia of the King of Pop's music video/short film collection -- 42 videos in total -- will be released on Nov. 22 via EPIC/Legacy recordings.

Previous to the deluxe DVD announcement, access to MJ's videography was pretty stark, with the only music video compilation being the 13-track 'Video Greatest Hits - HIStory' DVD released in 1995, and it's volume two follow-up released two years later. A similar greatest hits video collection was packaged with his '08 'Number Ones' chart topper. 'Michael Jackson's Vision' delves a little deeper for those wanting to go further than just mastering 'Thriller''s zombie dance, the high kicks of 'Dirty Diana' and the bad guy flash dances of 'Bad' and 'Beat It.' Ten of the videos make their debut to the DVD format, including the short film for the R. Kelly-penned 'One More Chance.' The collection spans from Jackson's days singing with his brothers in 'The Jacksons' ('Blame It On the Boogie,' 'Enjoy Yourself' and 'Can You Feel It') to his work with renown movie directors like Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and David Fincher.

The collection is the closest thing out there to encompass "the entire spectrum of Michael's pioneering short films," read a statement about the project. There is no live concert footage on the DVDs, just the epic, inspiring music videos and short films soundtracked by Jackson's music that would go on to inspire future generations of performers, namely Lady Gaga's 9-minute 'Telephone' and Kanye West's 35-minute 'Runaway' film. A full video tracklist is available below.


1. 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough,' Director: Nick Saxton

2. 'Rock With You,' Director: Bruce Gowers

3. 'She's Out of My Life,' Director: Bruce Gowers

4. 'Billie Jean,' Director: Steve Barron

5. 'Beat It,' Director: Bob Giraldi

6. 'Thriller,' Director: John Landis

7. 'Bad,' Director: Martin Scorsese

8. 'The Way You Make Me Feel,' Director: Joe Pytka

9. 'Man In the Mirror,' Director: Don Wilson

10. 'Dirty Diana,' Director: Joe Pytka

11. 'Smooth Criminal,' Director: Colin Chilvers

12. 'Another Part of Me,' Director: Patrick T. Kelly

13. 'Speed Demon,' Director: Will Vinton

14. 'Come Together,' Director: Jerry Kramer & Colin Chilvers

15. 'Leave Me Alone,' Director: Jim Blashfield and Paul Diener

16. 'Liberian Girl,' Director: Jim Yukich

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1. 'Black or White,' Director: John Landis

2. 'Remember the Time,' Director: John Singleton

3. 'In the Closet,' Director: Herb Ritts

4. 'Jam,' Director: David Nelson

5. 'Heal The World,' Director: Joe Pytka

6. 'Give In To Me,' Director: Andy Morahan

7. 'Who Is It,' Director: David Fincher

8. 'Will You Be There,' Director: Vincent Paterson

9. 'Gone Too Soon,' Director: Bill DiCicco

11. 'Childhood,' Director: Nicholas Brandt

12. 'You Are Not Alone,' Director: Wayne Isham

13. 'Earth Song,' Director: Nicholas Brandt

14. 'They Don't Care About Us,' Director: Spike Lee

15. 'Stranger in Moskow' Director: Nicholas Brandt

16. 'Blood on the Dancefloor,' Director: Michael Jackson & Vincent Patterson

17. 'Ghosts,' Director: Stan Winston

18. 'You Rock My World,' Director: Paul Hunter

19. 'Cry,' Director: Nick Brandt

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DISC 3 (Bonus Features)

1. 'Blame It On the Boogie,' The Jacksons

2. 'Enjoy Yourself,' The Jacksons

3. 'Can You Feel It,' The Jacksons

4. 'Say Say Say,' Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson, Director: Bob Giraldi

5. 'They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version),' Director: Spike Lee

6. 'Why?,' 3T featuring Michael Jackson

7. 'One More Chance' (previously unreleased)

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