The manslaughter trial in the case of Michael Jackson's death commenced this week and shocking details are coming to light surrounding the events that occurred at his home on June 25, 2009.

TMZ reports that the King of Pop's head of security, Faheem Muhammad, took the stand and claimed he was present when Jackson's son, Prince, and daughter, Paris, witnessed Dr. Conrad Murray attempt to resuscitate their father.

According to Muhammad, Prince "was shocked and slowly crying" and he saw Paris "on the ground, balled up crying" when he came to the scene of the singer's lifeless body, which was on an upper level of the Jackson residence. In his testimony, the bodyguard said he took the children downstairs once he realized they were bearing witness to the 'Thriller' creator fight for his life.

Dr. Conrad Murray reportedly asked those in the room if they knew how to perform CPR, and Muhammad's fellow bodyguard, Alberto Alvarez, offered assistance as a result. However, Jackson's assistant, Michael Amir Williams, announced Jackson had passed. At that time, Muhammad decided to prevent Murray from getting near Jackson's body.

"The prosecution is trying to create in the jury is a sense that this is a doctor who had absolutely no idea what he was doing," says CBS News legal analyst Trent Copeland. "It's an emotional setting. The children are on the ground, they're crying. Dr. Murray is sweating, doesn't call 911."

Details emerged of the hospital chaos as well, where Jackson's body was taken. Murray allegedly provided no information to doctors working on the lauded entertainer that he might have overdosed on the anesthetic propofol.



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