Michael Jackson continues to haunt. Two new MJ tracks -- 'Blue Gangsta' and 'All I Need' -- showed up mysteriously online this week. The leaks have not been confirmed by the Jackson camp, but the pair of songs legitimately sound like the late King of Pop, unlike the two previous posthumous Jackson songs, 'Breaking News' and 'Hold My Hand.'

'All I Need' is a super slow piano ballad, that sports that trademark quiver in MJ's voice when he stretches notes. A kids choir joins in after the first verse and the lyrics are token King of Pop, dealing with coming together and taking a chance. 'Blue Gangsta' is more upbeat with staccato piano riffs and bears Michael's matchless deep breaths and sighs between lyrics. A version of the track featuring Pras first showed up online in 2007, under the moniker 'No Friend of Mine.' Both songs sound like they were recorded around Jackson's 'HIStory' sessions.

The irony is that the recent official Jackson releases have been met with scrutiny. 'Breaking News' was reprimanded by Jackson's own family, who alleged it was not his voice on the track. The next track that Sony Music released was titled 'Hold My Hand,' which also features Akon on the track, but what some presume to be a little too much of Akon. Both 'Breaking News' and 'Hold My Hand' will appear on Jackson's first posthumous album of new material, simply titled 'Michael,' hitting stores on Dec. 14. In other MJ news, the icon was nominated for the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy earlier this week for the track 'This Is It.'

To spin the two new Michael Jackson leaks, head here.

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