As time approaches the two year anniversary of Michael Jackson's untimely death, the iconic pop star remains at the top of the charts.

'Hollywood Tonight,' a song off the first posthumous Jackson album 'Michael,' released in December, tops the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart this week. This is the first time Jackson's name has been atop the dance chart in almost two decades; his 'HIStory' track 'Scream' landed there in 1995. Jackson is now tied with Enrique Iglesias with the most No. 1 songs on this particular chart, with Prince close behind with seven chart-toppers.

'Hollywood Tonight,' the second single off 'Michael' sandwiched between the Akon-assisted 'Hold My Hand' and 'Behind the Mask,' starts with Jackson's signature crotch-grabbing whoos. It was originally written around the same time the King of Pop was penning songs for his 10th album, 'Invincible,' but fished out of his archives in 2007, with Jackson finishing production on the song with his nephew Teddy Riley, who also appears on the track, and Ron 'Neff-U' Feemster.

The Wayne Isham-directed music video for the single debuted in March. It tells the story of an exotic dancer, played by Algerian-born emerging talent Sofia Boutella, with 'Flashdance'-like Hollywood aspirations. While Jackson might be gone, his music and dance moves clearly lives on in the video and undoubtedly shows why he is and always will be the King of Pop.

Watch Michael Jackson' 'Hollywood Tonight'
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