When the Michael Jackson concert film 'This Is It' opens it's limited theatrical run next week, it appears there will be some pretty major surprises for fans.

Along with the rehearsal footage and interviews which have already been revealed, the two-hour film will feature all new new "reimagined" versions of several of Michael's classic videos, including "Man in the Mirror," "Earth Song," and most notably, "Thriller."

The videos were made at Michael's request, and were meant to appear as transitions during live performances of his 50 planned "This Is It" concerts in London.

In describing the new "Thriller" video, choreographer Travis Payne said that the new version does not include the "romantic" scenes in the original, but added, "we didn't touch what we considered the sacred inside it." In other words, the zombie Michael Jackson is still the star of the legendary video.

'This Is It' director Kenny Ortega also revealed that the film may see an eventual 3D release. "Later down the line there may be an opportunity for us to do some special 3D package," Ortega said.

The original plans for the concert included a 3D segment, during which fans would have been instructed to don the requisite glasses. In order to facilitate the the 3D aspect of the show, Jackson and Payne had begun building what would have been the world's biggest 3D LED screen.

We had 3D and also frontal elements and overhead elements that actually created a 4D environment that the audience was sitting in," Ortega explained.

Maybe we'll wait for the 4D version, then.

The 2D version of 'This Is It' will receive more than 25 global premieres, 15 of which will be coordinated simultaneously on Tuesday, October 27. The affair at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre L.A. Live will anchor the event, with red carpet coverageof the event broadcast via satellite to New York, Rio De Janeiro, London, Berlin, Johannesburg, Seoul and other locations for three hours prior to the first screenings of the film.

The two-week limited run of 'This Is It' opens Wednesday, October 28, to the public. Theater information and tickets are available at thisisit-movie.com.

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