The release of Michael Jackson's new album 'Michael,' continues to cause controversy amongst some of his musical counterparts, the latest being Quincy Jones and Teddy Riley, who are at odds over the release. Jones, who worked with Jackson on his iconic 'Thriller' album believes that Jackson would not have wanted the album, full of previously unreleased tracks, to see the light of day due to his reputation as a perfectionist. Riley on the other hand, who worked with the King of Pop on his 1992 album 'Dangerous,' is slamming the music legend's opposition to the release.

A producer on 'Michael,' Riley is dismissing questions about the validity of Jackson's voice on the song 'Breaking News,' which some speculate is not the music icon. "Look at his age. He can barely hear you talk. How the hell could he hear Michael?" Riley told the U.K.'s Guardian. "Anybody who says [it is not Jackson on the album], I do have a comeback, because you're not right. That's just the bottom line. I'm confident Michael would have wanted his message out there, and that's what counts. I fought against his family big time. The only reason I fought against them all and fought against the fans was to make them believe that this is Michael Jackson's vocals." Riley went on to dismiss opposition from Jackson's family members including his mother, Katherine as "disappointing," and should not have been made public, "especially when you're reaping the benefits."

Jones is not the only member of the music community who was against the album's release. Hitmaker and Black Eyes Peas frontman, vocalized his resistance to the posthumous release, sighting his close relationship with the 50-year-old to validate his feelings. "I knew this man," Will told Rolling Stone. And he was very critical about every single detail. He stood in the studio himself, mastering and mixing everything. How can you release a record without that Michael Jackson? It's not Michael Jackson."

Despite disagreements between those close to him, Jackson's album hit stores on Dec. 14. It has been met with lukewarm reviews.

Michael Jackson feat. Akon, 'Hold My Hand' from 'Michael'

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