Joe Jackson is branching out with branding opportunities to help memorialize Michael Jackson. The family patriarch, who struck a deal with UD Group International in March to create lines of Joe Jackson-branded products, is using some of his fallen son's iconography to help push his latest line of ice cream and perfume.

The entrepreneurial dad is set to launch his Mystery ice cream bar as part of the UDGI deal. But the logo hints that he's using some of MJ's trademark symbols to market the product. An advertisement for the ice cream touts the same letter M that the King of Pop used as his signature logo, appearing more than once in the recently released spread.

Jackson is taking a more blatant approach with his latest line of perfume, 'Jackson Legend: Timeless from Neverland. Claimed to be "in memory of Michael by Joe Jackson, the Father of the Jackson Family," the fragrance prominently features pictures of MJ from his adolescence and adulthood. The scent is offered in three bottles, including the Jackson Tribute for men, the Jackson Legend for women and the Jackson Legacy.

The 82-year-old has made questionable decisions since his son's 2009 death. Shortly after his passing, Joe gave an interview to CNN where he skirted questions about Michael and instead spoke lengthily about an upcoming hip-hop project. He is also working on the international entertainment complex Happy Land, a Vietnam spin-off of Neverland Ranch.

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