As reported by AOL Music, just last week news broke that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris was caught on web cam proclaiming songs on her late father's posthumous album 'Michael' were in fact recorded by an MJ impersonator. Although Paris has since publicly denied the reports, her aunt, Michael's sister La Toya Jackson, has come out to contradict her niece and back suspicions of the fake MJ music.

In fact, La Toya goes so far as to say that Paris actually called her in a panic after discovering her father's new tunes were phonies. "I haven't heard the complete album but I do know some of the songs that I've heard, it is definitely not his voice," La Toya insisted, speaking on 'The Talk' today (March 5).

"During that time I was doing 'The Apprentice' and Paris called me and said, 'Aunt La Toya, I want you to listen to something ... You gotta listen to this, this is not daddy's voice,'" La Toya revealed.

"She played it for me and I go, 'Paris, you're right, it's not,'" remembers La Toya. "And I kept listening, and kept listening and it was not his voice and she was so concerned about it and she said, 'We gotta put a stop to this. We must to put a stop to this. And I'm not gonna let them [record executives] get by with this.'"

Listen to the song in question, 'Hold My Hand,' and a song by Jason Malachi, the alleged impersonator, below.

Listen to Michael Jackson's 'Hold My Hand' Feat. Akon

Listen to Jason Malachi's 'Stop Breaking My Heart'
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