It doesn't feel like it but we're coming up on the 10 year anniversary of icon, Michael Jackson's death. To pay tribute to the pop star, The Grand Palais in Paris is planning a major exhibit, called “Michael Jackson: The Birth of an Icon."

Celebrated artists, Jeff Koons, David LaChapelle, Klara Liden, Glenn Ligon, Paul McCarthy, Dexter Dalwood, Mark Flood, Isa Genzken, David Hammons and more have lent pieces for the show.  The showcase aims to explore the creative side of the King of Pop, displaying diverse works created over the past 30 years.

Jackson remains a fixture in pop music, even after his death in June 2008. Recently, it was revealed that he currently sits at the top of Forbes' list of top-earning dead celebrities. He has held the position for five years in a row—and  in 2017 Jackson raked in a whopping $75 million.

According to Forbes, Jackson's empire keeps growing due to the interest of fans and the creation of new ways to experience Jackson's catalog of music. CBS recently aired Michael Jackson’s Halloween, an hourlong animated special. This release also went in accordance with Jackson's new album, Scream, a compilation of Jackson's greatest hits. All in all, since his death, it's reported that Jackson has made $1.5 billion.

As for the upcoming exhibit, it will run from November 21, 2018 until February 2019.



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