The Michael Jackson estate has officially shut down a Los Angeles movie theater's attempt to debut the King of Pop's cult-classic 1988 film 'Moonwalker,' which has never screened in the United States.

The film, which contained several short films/extended music videos for songs on MJ's album 'Bad,' including a 25-minute clip for 'Smooth Criminal,' screened theatrically in Europe and South America in 1988, but never received a theatrical screening in the U.S. for unknown reasons. 'Moonwalker' was released stateside on VHS in 1989, where it was both a commercial and critical success.

Hollywood's Arclight Cinema attempted to track down a print of the of 'Moonwalker,' which they planned to screen for one night only, however they were blocked by MJ's estate.

"We have bad news. It's not available," a rep for the Arclight explained. "We contacted the films directors and producers and were finally directed to MJ's estate attorney. They let us know the estate has the rights, but have no plans to make ... prints available for rent at this time.'"

The film was named after Michael's signature dance move, which inspired his equally enjoyable video game of the same name.

Watch Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal'

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