A pharmacist testified in a Los Angeles County Superior Court Monday (Jan.10), that he sold Dr. Conrad Murray large quantities of the drug Propofol in the months leading up to Michael Jackson's death.

Tim Lopez, a pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas, revealed that beginning in April of 2009, just two months prior to the King of Pop's death, Murray began ordering several boxes of the anesthesia, which later totaled out to 225 vials.

According to Lopez, Murray initially reached out to him in November 2008, to purchase the cream Benoquin, which is used to treat the skin disorder, vitiligo, which Jackson suffered from. He then reached out to Lopez in 2009 stating that he was pleased with the results from the skin cream and wanted to place more orders. "He specifically asked about Propofol and saline bags," Lopez recalled.

Murray went on to purchase 130 vials of 110 ml doses, and 125 vials of 20 ml, which were all shipped to his girlfriend's Santa Monica, Calif. home, where he was living at the time. Lopez also testified that Murray purchased vials of the sedative benzodiazepine, a psychoactive drug used to treat patients suffering from panic disorders, anxiety and insomnia, among other ailments.

As previously reported, Jackson died in his Holmby Hills, Calif. home on June 25, 2009. The Los Angeles County coroner's office ruled that the 50-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest brought on by acute Propofol intoxication.

The preliminary hearing, which will determine whether or not Murray will go to trial on involuntary manslaughter charges, began Jan. 4. Despite mounting evidence against him, including witness testimony stating that he waited to call 911 and ordered his aids to stash medical paraphernalia, Murray's defense team is said to argue that Jackson committed suicide by continuing to inject himself with Propofol, without the doctor's knowledge.

Several members of Jackson's family have been attending the hearings, including his mother Katherine, father Joeseph, and sisters, Janet, Letoya, and Rebe. If convicted Murray faces up to four years in prison.

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