Behold 'Breaking News' -- the lead single from Michael Jackson's first posthumous album 'MICHAEL' that's slated for a Dec. 14 release. The track, which is streaming via the singer's site for free during the next week, was recorded in the New Jersey home of longtime friend and producer Eddie Cascio in 2007.

'Breaking News' rides a bouncy drum break with orchestrated synthesizers and explores the harsh merger of media and celebrity that often dogged MJ throughout his fiery final stint in the late 2000s. "Everybody wantin' a piece of Michael Jackson," he sings. "Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson."

Yet while most will welcome new, previously unheard Jacko material, some of his family members are none too pleased with Sony for the upcoming release. TMZ claims that his two eldest children and sister La Toya are questioning authenticity of the tracks that appear on 'MICHAEL.' "I listened to it," his sister told the gossip site. "It doesn't sound like him."

In turn, numerous voice experts and associates during the recording process have confirmed the songs are in fact real. This is probably the exact point that the embattled singer tries to make when he claims that people are "stalking" him. It sure sounds like the real deal MJ to us.

'MICHAEL' is available for pre-order through his website and the stream will remain there for the next week. Check out the song's teaser video below.