Micheal Jackson biographer Ian Halperin has announced plans to release a new documentary that will accompany his 2009 book, 'Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson.' The 88-minute film, titled 'Gone Too Soon,' will explore the final days of MJ's life.

Halperin's first Jackson profile, 'Unmasked,' was the result of five years of investigative work, when he set out to prove that Jackson's child molestation accusations were true. Halperin eventually changed his tale, and instead focused on how the legendary pop star had lost himself in the cut-throat world of success. The author and filmmaker infamously called Jackson's death in December 2008, telling the press that the King of Pop was weak and would be dead in six months. His book eventually hit No. 1 on the New York Times bestsellers list.

The new documentary, 'Gone Too Soon' will include snippets from over 300 hours of video and audio footage shot by Jackson's camp. According to Variety, it also features interviews from Jackson's personal staff, including his chef, trainer, spiritual adviser and hair stylist. Halperin has described his work as "a balanced tribute to the King of Pop," despite the scandalous topics it will explore. "This is the film Michael and his fans deserve," Halperin said. Although the project is not officially sanctioned by Jackson family members, they have been informed of it. Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman even appears in an interview in the documentary.

'Gone Too Soon,' will debut in Cannes in April, followed by a theatrical run in Canada and France on Jun 25, the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.