Many of Michael Jackson's belongings, including furniture, paintings, games and silverware are being auctioned off by Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills, the seller who previously sold Jackson's 'Thriller' jacket for an astounding $1.8 million.

Several of the items bear personal inscriptions, which TMZ has revealed in a series of photos. A bedroom armoire mirror reads "TRAIN, perfection, March April. FULL OUT May," which a rep for Julien's Auctions claims is a motivational message from the months leading up to MJ's ill-fated This Is It Tour.

A chalkboard from the King of Pop's kitchen features a heartrending message in a child's scrawl, "I (heart) Daddy. SMILE, it's for free."

While the messages were likely not intended for public viewing, the items will be sold at auction on Dec. 17, as is. A public viewing will be held at Julien's gallery, from Dec. 12-17. For more info, click here.

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