Michael Christmas confidence in his awkwardness is on full display in this video for 'Michael Cera.'

The Boston native's uses a matter-of-fact cadence that engages the listener. It's as if Michael is having a conversation with one other person when he gets into the booth. Unlike other rappers who use a similar style, his writing remains precise and his flow rides the Goodwin-produced beat without ever missing the pocket. Perhaps the song isn't particularly sophisticated, but its simplicity makes it enjoyable and the Michael Cera refrain (with Christmas elongating his pronunciation of 'Cera') is hard to forget.

The video, which happens to be directed by Goodwin, is equally as simple but perhaps even more endearing. It shows Christmas goofing around by himself and with some of his friends. He presses a lollipop ("candy") to his nose, joins a Union Square demonstration, and gets slapped by a girl he tries to get with.

While the antics themselves are hilarious, what ties the video altogether is his smile. It's a disarming smile that appears on his face constantly, revealing a young man who is enjoying every minute of his life right now. You can't help but want to become Michael Christmas' friend after watching this music video.

Boston rap is known for some of its hard or street rap acts. In that type of climate, Michael Christmas is a breath of fresh air. It's only a matter of time before he takes off.