UPDATE: According to The New York Post, Ben Bronfman has filed for a temporary restraining order against M.I.A., effectively barring her from leaving the country with her son.

M.I.A. and her ex-fiance` Ben Bronfman are having it out over their 4-year-old child Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman.

According to a trio of tweets -- since deleted, but thankfully screencapped by SPIN (or someone they stole them from) -- the controversial singer/rapper claims Bronfman and his super wealthy family are trying to take custody.

"Ben, you cant take my son away from me, the mother," she wrote. "Just because you have the money doesn't mean you have the right."

"Wow, the Bronfmans want to take my child away from me," she continued. "What kind of shit is that? They never see him."

"Every child needs the mother," she concluded. "I grew up without a dad. If [I] grew up without a mother I wouldn't be here."

M.I.A. and Bronfman split in February of 2012, amidst reports that she was living in London and rarely saw the child.

On an unrelated note, Ben's younger sister Hannah recently revealed that she once, albeit very briefly, dated Kanye West.

[Ed note: tweets have been lightly edited for punctuation, spelling and clarity]

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