Rapper Mase is looking to collaborate with Chris Brown on a new song. Although the two are not in talks to make any music together the Harlem-born rapper reached out to Brown via his Twitter page. "@MechanicalDummy lets do a smash," he wrote to Brown. Mase followed up his message with an announcement that he will be dropping five mixtapes on the same day. "The tape is being dropped internationally and nationally next Friday," he wrote. "I do the impossible ... 5 different DJ -- one in London, Canada, China, Korea and the US."

Mase was recently released from his Bad Boy Records contract after "ambushing" former boss Sean "Diddy" Combs during a radio interview in Atlanta. In the middle of the interview Mase walked in and handed Diddy a document which he read and signed." Just be clear [Mase] has the freedom to do whatever he wants to do," Diddy explained. "People have felt like our situation, I may have stopped him or whatever. He can do whatever he wanna do. I'm trying to make sure everyone is crystal clear. If you want those Mase verses, getcha hustle on. He gotta slick tongue though, he's a mean negotiator, so you better come with that guap."

Since hitting the music scene in the late Nineties Mase has had a love hate relationship with the industry. He announced his retirement in 1999 to become a preacher then came out of retirement releasing 'Welcome Back,' in 2005. He is said to be shopping for a record deal.

'I Do The Impossible' drops Nov. 20.