Mary J. Blige was honored last week for her My Life fragrance at the FiFi Awards, an annual celebration that honors the best fragrances in the industry. Blige received an award for Fragrance of the Year in the Direct to Consumer category and was a Sales Breakthrough of the Year Winner.

My Life was created in a partnership between Blige and Carol's Daughter founder Lisa Price. Blige sold over 60,000 bottles in a day via the Home Shopping Network in 2010, making her the first to sell that amount in HSN history.

Excited about winning the prestigious awards, Blige thanked her fans via Twitter. "I'm so excited to tell my family the My Life fragrance won 2 huge awards at the Fifi's tonight!!!! Thank you so much!!! Thank you to everyone who voted for the fragrance, purchased it and loves it!!!!"

Other winners at the FiFi's were Fergie and Halle Berry.

In related news, Mary J. Blige is currently working on her tenth album 'My Life II, The Journey Continues.' She has also taken on the lead role in the Nina Simone film 'Nina,' and will star in the movie 'Rock of Ages,' alongside Tom Cruise.

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