Mary J. Blige will engage in a new strategy taken on by the fragrance world during an appearance on the HSN on July 31. The Grammy award-winner will pitch her new fragrance, titled My Life, without consumers actually knowing what the perfume actually smells like.

Blige has spent the last seven months creating the scent with the brand Carol's Daughter. The singer says it's for women "who love tuberose, love jasmine, [and] love fruit."

"It's all a reflection of my personality," Blige tells The Associated Press. "Me and a lot of my fans want to smell soft and a little fruity -- but not too fruity with bees chasing us around - and also strong and beautiful... It's all there."

After working on the fragrance and wearing it daily Blige says, "I knew exactly what I wanted it to smell like. I needed to love it and be able to live with it for years. I am not impressed with the hot thing."

When it came down to choosing a name, Mary says she chose the title from her second album 'My Life.' "When I put myself out there with that album I was asking for help," she says. "When my fans heard those songs, they told me they needed help too, and told me, 'We're going through this together,'... I've named the scent 'My Life' because it's not what we are; it's what we've shared... My life is my journey and I've always shared it through my music. I can't wait to share my story with millions of women through HSN."

For every sale of the My Life fragrance, $1 will be donated to Blige's FFAWN (Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now) organization.