After the nostalgia of 'My Life II,' Mary J. Blige has taken a leap into today's sonic landscape by collaborating with electronic music wunderkinds Disclosure and soulful crooner Sam Smith. On Friday (Sept. 6), the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul unveiled her single 'Right Now,' which was written and produced by Disclosure and Smith.

Blige, Disclosure and Sam Smith represent different generations and their styles look disparate at first glance. They've never sounded forced together, however. The artists don't quite click completely as Blige's classicist soul slightly mismatches Disclosure's new age euphoria.

'Right Now' is still a solid listen and a hint at great things to come for Blige's upcoming project 'The London Sessions' -- a full-length album conceived during her time in the city. The collaborations sound well-realized enough to avoid the "experimental" designation.

'The London Sessions,' Mary J. Blige's 13th album, is expected to drop in November.

Listen to Mary J. Blige's 'Right Now'