As reported by AOL Music, it's the new year, and for Marc Anthony that means a fresh start ... and new love. The soon-to-be ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez seems to have rid himself of the post-split jealousy that haunted him throughout the end of 2011 and has begun dating again, just like Lopez. Just yesterday (Jan. 4), Marc revealed his rebound romance with Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima on both Facebook and Twitter.

For his part, Anthony seems to be quite smitten! On his Facebook page, the Latin superstar posted a photo of himself kissing De Lima in a sweet embrace. He also tweeted "A mi @Shadelima mi estatua de libertad. Besos bebe," which translated to English reads, "To Shannon, my statue of liberty. Kisses baby!"

Shannon already seems to have Marc's family's seal of approval. Yesterday, the singer's adopted son, Chase, posted on his own Twitter account, "To all my followers and everybody on twitter follow 2012's best couple and for many more years to come @MarcAnthony and @Shadelima !!!!!"

Shannon, like Casper Smart -- boyfriend of Marc's ex, Jennifer Lopez -- is 24 years old and a well-known model in her native country, but has yet to make headlines in the states ... until now that is.

What do you think of Marc's romance revelation? Do you think it will last? Comment below.

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