North Carolina rapper Lute is a newly-signed artist on J. Cole’s Dreamville label. On Tuesday (Oct. 17), he dropped a new video for his latest single, “Still Slummin’.”

In the clip, Lute is working at a fried chicken joint still trying to pursue his dreams in the rap game. From there he details his struggles while getting encouragement from fellow N.C. rapper Rapper Big Pooh. According to 2 Dope Boyz, the video serves as the sequel to his J Dilla-inflicted 2013 video for “Queen City Slummin’.”

Ironically, Lute was discovered by J. Cole while he was working at Walmart.

“I was working at Walmart and [Cole] said he was in Florida and a guy was asking him about the music scene in North Carolina, and he [recommended] Lute," he tells Vibe. "So he was like ‘I’m go do my research.’ [Cole] found [my music] on 2Dopeboyz and Youtube.”

“I was so caught up in my struggles — trying to pay bills, keep a roof over my head and feed my daughter that I [wasn’t] realizing I have a helluva of a story to tell right now," he explained. "So I was like I’m going to give it one more try, before West 1996 Part 2, I was done with music because it was like ‘yeah we’re getting buzz, but likes and re-tweets and ain’t paying my rent.'"

Lute just released West 1996 Part 2 and you can hear it below or on Apple Music.

Listen to Lute's West 1996, Pt. 2 Album Below

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