After 11 episodes of fights, misunderstandings and overall drama, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is finally coming to an end. The season finale is packed with even more issues that we wonder what the next season will bring.

One of the biggest stories this season tackled was how friends, family and an ex-girlfriend would react to Miles Brock being gay. While he told his family and friends, there is clearly some tension within those relationships even though he finally opened up and told the truth. He meets up with his friends to catch up over a game of pool. While they're still taken aback, Brock is reassured that they still support him even though they may pass on any double dating in the near future.

Then at a family gathering, he speaks with his sister and his mom, who are going to meet Milan Christopher for the first time. He apologizes to his mom for not going to her first and that she had to find out from other people about his sexual orientation. She forgives him but is still skeptical about Milan. Once Milan arrives, he's quickly interrogated about his intentions with Miles and, more importantly, what his values are. While Miles' family have made some peace with his coming out, they aren't too happy to know that his boyfriend has posed nude for photos in the past.

Milan does his best to defend himself and just when we thought that this meet up was a bad idea, Miles' sister tells him he's part of the family. But even though everyone hugs it out, Miles' sister comes off quite hostile, and you're not sure if she really supports the relationship.

Ray J has had a lonely season after Princess Love dumped him. However, he's been trying to win her back. And after a number of attempts, Ray dives in and buys her a house. As surprised and flattered as Princess is, she is still unsure. But in the end, she accepts and gives him an ultimatum -- the home needs to be entirely in her name. While some might think she's just trying to get a free home, Princess wants Ray to prove that he really wants this relationship to work and that he's serious about it. And because he's so in love with her, he agrees.

Omarion and Apryl Jones have recently been on the rocks since they hit the road for O's tour. Apryl has expressed that she feels her career is being overlooked while the singer tells her that she needs to wait for her time. And as they start discussing these things on the bus, it makes a sudden stop. When Apryl wonders what's happening, Omarion surprises her with a day at the studio to work on her music. Of course, Apryl is ecstatic and shows her appreciation.

Last night's episode came to a huge climax (or disastrous explosion) when Nikki Mudarris shares Moniece Slaughter's secret with Rich Dollaz: that she still loves Fizz. Rich is angry, of course, and he goes to confront Moniece. But this isn't just a conversation to clear the air. Instead, Rich breaks up with Moniece and tells her there's no hope of any wedding bells, which the two discussed at the start of the episode. And considering Love & Hip Hop starts in a few weeks, it looks like we'll be seeing Rich in New York really soon.

After Rich admitted to Moniece that Nikki spilled her secret, Moniece wants to settle the situation. But we all know Moniece isn't the calmest person. So when Fizz hosts a premiere party for his video "Good Lotion," Moniece sees this as the opportunity to set things straight.

However, as she starts to talk to Nikki, things go from bad to worse. Not only are hands in peoples' faces but drinks are also thrown. Security quickly jumps on the scene, but both women, as well as Brandi Boyd, who's there to defend Nikki Baby, are ready to fight. And by the end of it, Fizz's event is ruined, and we're left with some drama to take to the reunion episodes that will air in the next couple of weeks.

With such an explosive episode, coincidentally enough Teairra Mari managed to keep herself away from it all. Although she does share her last piece of "wisdom" at the end of the episode, she stays away from all the craziness and tells us she's ready to take over the world on her own.

From dealing with being gay in the hip-hop world to petty girl fights, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood had it all. And we're looking forward to what will come in season three. But for now, it's goodbye Hollywood.

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