Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood ended with a standoff between Amber Hunter and Milan Christopher, and this week we get to find out what actually happened between them.

While the two started things off cordially, emotions began to flare when Amber finds out that the reason she and Miles Brock broke up years ago was because he wanted to pursue a relationship with Milan. However, her ill feelings toward Milan change when the two start exchanging the stories Miles has been feeding both of them. As we all (kind of) knew, Miles has been in the closet until recently, so he continuously lied to Amber about his relationship with Milan -- he said they were only "homeboys."

Miles also continued to see Amber all the time, despite being broken up. Then Milan admits that Miles kept telling him that Amber wouldn't let him go and just latched onto her ex. What makes things worse is the fact that Milan admitted that he's essentially been Miles' sugar daddy and even paid Amber's rent a few times.

By the end of the chat, the two realize the problem isn't between them, but it's all Miles' fault. So the two hug it out and are finally able to make peace with each other. After meeting with Milan, Amber heads to Moniece and Teairra Mari to tell them about her situation with Miles. And while it's all shocking news, Amber wants to confront Miles about his lies and is ready to really show him all the wrong he's done.

Willie Taylor has been having issues with his record label and current musical project. So he seeks some advice from Omarion since they both come from the same backgrounds of dealing with transitioning from a group to becoming a solo act. Despite all the faith that Omarion restores in Willie, O encourages him to tell his wife, Shanda, about his issues. However, he is hesitant because he doesn't want to worry her, especially because she's already dealing with the fact that she left her family so that he could follow his dreams.

So he meets up with Screwface in the studio to talk about what the progress is on him getting more funding for his project as well as moving over to Screwface's camp. But that would mean that Screwface has to be his manager -- something Willie didn't expect to hear. But he goes along with it so that he can get out of his current contract.

Shanda wants to surprise her husband and take him to lunch, but Screwface ends the celebration with bad news and tells her of the issues surrounding Willie's current record deal. And while he's now working with Screwface, Shanda is mad that Willie lied to her. And although Willie did sign his contract with Screwface, he comes home to find that she's no longer there. Instead Shanda, who's worried about their financial problems, has returned to the pole to make sure her family is supported.

Meanwhile, things are just not going so well for Moniece Slaughter at the moment. After her mother Marla confronted both Fizz and Rich Dollaz in last week's episode and she had a breakdown in front of Fizz, the dark cloud has descended on them. Rich wants to set things right. So while he and Moniece are in bed, he tries to convince her to confront her mom and just hash things out. But Moniece walks away and has another emotional breakdown.

Despite Moniece's anger at her mom, Rich convinces them to have a meeting at their place. Rich serves as the mediator. But what he thinks will be a peaceful meeting turns into something completely different. Marla explains that she said she would support Moniece if she would be a mother to her son full-time. However, Moniece decided to pursue her music career. And since she didn't take responsibility for her son, Marla feels like she had no choice but to tell Fizz to take full custody of her child.

Teairra does something that no other Love & Hip Hop cast member has done in front of the cameras -- she gets on the operating table. She meets with Hazel-E, who talks to her about the sacrifices Tea has to make after going through with liposuction. However, Teairra is more ready than ever to see her new body. After showing her support for Tea, Hazel heads over to Princess to discuss her new swimsuit line, the Princess Love Collection. While the two of them talk about the issues Princess has with Teairra and her weight, Hazel makes sure to keep quiet about the lipo procedure and agrees to work with Princess on this new venture.

And speaking of moving on to new ventures, Nikki Mudarris and Hazel visit Teairra after her operation. And while she may be slimmer, her recovery is just not fast enough for Nikki and the fashion show that's supposed to go down with Tea in a few weeks. Seeing all of this, Nikki is worried. However, when she and Hazel speak, it looks like the two will now be teaming up with Princess on her line and work together.

The episode ends the way it began with Amber. But instead of her being upset, she is now strong and ready to give Miles a piece of her mind. After telling him what she thinks and that she's done with him, she walks away. He follows behind Amber, telling her he loves her. And while she doesn't hate him, she can't help but be mad at him right now.

So who's side are you on? Are you Team Amber or Team Miles'? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens in the world of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

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