The recent news of SoundCloud having some financial problems hasn't stopped them from making moves and releasing new projects.

Today (July 20), the company delivered the first episode of their online series SoundCloud Next Wave, which focuses on underground music scenes in various cities. The mini-doc will focus on those artists who've all developed large fan bases through the streaming site.

The first episode shows what's happening in Los Angeles' current underground rap scene, and it features Pouya, Lil Track and Fat Nick. In the clip, besides hanging with each other and recording music, the trio talks about the advantages of building a music career in the West Coast city.

"They're open-minded here, more so than other cities," said Pouya about L.A. "There's all types of rappers and musicians here and everyone's just trying to get it."

You can peep the interesting mini-doc above, before the streaming service drops another new episode next month and each month after that.


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