Dr. Dre admits he's dealing with a lot of pressure on 'Die Hard,' his third single for 'Detox.' And with No. 3 down, Dre still seems to have no intentions of slipping a release date for the long-awaited (which is an understatement) album.

Over the weekend, on Showtime's 'Fight Camp 360,' the third single off Dre's phantom album was previewed during the lead-up to the snoozer Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley fight (Pacquiao won). Considering Eminem's "the diehard won't go down without a fight" chorus, the song was a fitting match for the event.

"My life is like a highlight reel," Dre raps on the track. "Some might consider this my twilight/ But depending how I might feel I might continue on with my career for five light years/ Critics can fly kites/ Yeah, welcome to my nightmare/ Pressure's on, blood pressure ... racin' / I calculate my next step ... pacin'/ Don't know if I'll meet expectations/ All I know is the world better get set, Dre's in effect."

The two-and-half-minute clip cuts in and out of the single, but you can hear Dre justifying the delay of 'Detox' in the lyrics. He charges expectations "are too high to meet" with the attention surrounding the album. "My reputation is in jep, yep," he continues on the track. "Face it, the fans have been upset, yet patient/ I love 'em for that."

'Die Hard' is the second 'Detox' single to feature Eminem, but Em has less mic time this time around than on 'I Need a Doctor.' Dre's first single off 'Detox' was the Snoop Dogg and Akon-assisted track 'Kush.'

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