Although part of Lil' Kim's rhetoric is how she's different from other rappers, she's prone to taking part in today's trends. One of them is hopping on one of the summer's hottest tracks and "freestyling" over it. The Queen Bee does just that with her 'Fancy' remix.

This remix probably won't earn her accolades for being particularly laudable, but give Kim some credit for sounding like she's trying. The track comes in under a minute, so it doesn't take too much to listen. Don't expect many surprises though: "Who that, who that?/ K-I-M-M-Y."

Whether it's slander or praise, Lil’ Kim will get a bit more attention when she releases her 'Hard Core 2K14' mixtape on Sept. 11.

Listen to Lil’ Kim's 'Fancy' Remix